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ABOUT US - OVER 4,000,000 lives touched through the ministries in Rome, Italy

Rick Pasquale - 1957-2021 Eternal rewards

Passionate about life, Loves Jesus, his family & golf

 Rick was the Founder/President of RPM Global, a 501 (c)3  non-profit ministry organization that empowers pastors,  embraces people of all ages and engages communities  in exciting ministry events, leadership coaching and  relationship building.   Rick held his degree in Church  Ministry from Southwestern Assemblies of God  University and has served in full time ministry for over  30 years as youth pastor, associate pastor, Lead Pastor and Church Planter. Rick served the Michigan District of  the Assemblies of God for eight years as District Youth  Director, raising millions of dollars for missions and  building up ministries around the globe. As an  Assembly of God  World Missionary, Rick will be leading  the International  Christian Fellowship of Rome, Italy  and continues to  hold revivals and outreach focused  events around the  globe!

 His straight forward style and relevant applications of  the Word, provides a great way for seeing lives  changed, transformed and renewed by the power of the  Holy Spirit.
Rick’s ministry in over 40 countries truly gives him a  global perspective for the church today!   Building  People & Places for Kingdom Expansion is the  foundation of Rick's various ministries and the goal that  drives his passion for life, people, and Jesus!

His favorite verse is Mark 9:23, "What do you mean if I can, Jesus asked, all things are possible if a person believes."

Jennifer Pasquale

Loves God’s Word, God’s People, Family & Horses


 Jennifer is now leading and pastoring the International Christian Fellowship of Rome and serves as the President of the International Christian Fellowship of Italy churches. She is a vibrant and energetic communicator  whose message will grip your heart. As a mother of  three daughters, one of whom is a survivor of  domestic violence, Jennifer frequently shares her  testimony as a mother who had to watch from a  distance, but love from every angle in order to see her  daughter restored to emotional and physical health.  Ordained with the Assemblies of God. As a community Prevention Coordinator in Oakland County, Jennifer has trained on the subject of support for survivors of sexual abuse with medical professionals, university campuses, faith-based leadership teams and more. Author of the book, "Memories &  Milestones, Stepping Forward by Looking Back" A  violence prevention educator.  An International  Motivational speaker who has traveled to over 25  countries conducting seminars, workshops and  promoting healthy lifestyles & relationships.  

Jennifer is the founder/director of BraveHeart Girls, a  non-profit international organization that supports and  equips young women of all cultures and backgrounds  for the journey of life. Jennifer thoroughly understands  and passionately relates to the many diverse  challenges facing us today. Building bridges to  healthy relationships in families, in ministry and in  community with God’s Word as the foundational  cornerstone.

Favorite verse is Psalm 37:4,5  

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